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Welcome to the XDoge Whitepaper! This document outlines the vision, objectives, and mechanics of the XDoge project, a decentralized cryptocurrency launched on the Ethereum blockchain. Inspired by the iconic Twitter logo 'X' and driven by a commitment to support the Doge army, XDoge aims to create a vibrant community where users can buy, sell, and trade tokens while contributing to the marketing treasury wallet.
This whitepaper will delve into the key aspects of XDoge, including its core features, tokenomics, governance model, and the ways it aligns with the principles of decentralization and community-driven growth. The project aspires to establish itself as a prominent and sustainable presence in the crypto space while fostering a strong and loyal community of enthusiasts and supporters.
Join us as we explore the exciting world of XDoge and its journey to redefine the possibilities of decentralized finance and community-driven initiatives on the Ethereum blockchain.